Introducing the new ‘Maniac Edition’ bow from Obsessions Bows & Bone Maniacs! Available in bow only or the full Maniac package!

Full Maniac package includes Bone Maniac branded Obsession bow and accessory gear from Sword Sights, Treelimb Quivers and Stokerized Stablizers. It also includes the Schaffer Archery XV rest and North Slope grips.

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Bone Maniacs

The Bone Maniacs story is more than just a harvest of a record book animal, or a name engraved on a plaque stating we achieved the status-quo. It goes a bit deeper than that with our team. We rely on building relationships and growing to achieve like-minded goals such as fulfilling our prophecy of being hunters. Providing knowledge to those who seek what it is to become a sportsman in the wild, or just our role in marketing products that help all like-minded hunters is what sets the Bone Maniacs apart.

We tend to get caught up in everyday life and forget why we are put on this bountiful land. Our plan is simple. Genesis 27:3 says it best: Now then, get your equipment–your quiver and bow–and go out to the open country to hunt some wild game for me.

We work with a great network of outfitters where the Bone Maniacs team will hunt and assess the hunting ground, inventory the game and give necessary feedback on how to help maintain a growing herd. By doing this, it increases the volume for potential mainstream hunters to book at these outfitters we have hunted with. Each year we continue to grow by increasing our outfitters and driving more hunters to their dream hunts. By having many mainstream hunters book with our outfitters it gives each and every hunter the opportunity to see and learn about the products the Bone Maniacs use and are affiliated with.



I cut my teeth hunting whitetails in the east for as long as I can remember. I looked forward to hunting season every year with my dad, uncle and brother. At an early stage in life, hunting was a part of my life and it meant more than just the harvest itself. For me, it was about learning the habits of the animal and the camaraderie of friends and family. It’s more than just saying I harvested a world class animal. I pride myself in sharing what I was taught through the network of the hunting industry. Hunting is a very influential lifestyle to Jena and I, and now that we have a family, it’s a lifestyle that we pass down to our four children. Residing in Idaho, where vast mountain ranges are home to majestic animals that I thrive to hunt, study and film, I’m able to bring dynamic views to our audience. Through my years in the log home industry as a Log Smith, I’ve met many like-minded folks that share the same interests as I do. Because of these relationships, I was encouraged to pursue my dream, not to become a hunting icon, but to create a platform to share these glorious times with my wife and children and with some of my best hunting buddies. I once was called a “maniac” because of my drive and determination to succeed in anything I put my mind to. Out of that desire to succeed, the Bone Maniacs was founded.

Shane Mowery


It all started the day Shane took me to buy me my first bow. He spent that entire evening teaching me the proper technique of how to handle and shoot it. We were in back yard shooting from different yardage and angles until my arms were too weak. I was so surprised at how much I actually enjoyed it. I’ve been hooked every since that day! I couldn’t wait to harvest my first deer with it the following season. However, about a month after I got the bow we found out we were expecting our first son. I was seven months pregnant when I shot my first deer out of a two- man ladder stand with Shane right beside me. I will never forget that moment! Odhan is almost 4 now and is already dying to go hunting with us. This past June we welcomed our twins to the world which has sort of limited my time in the woods, but it certainly hasn’t stopped me. I take advantage of every opportunity I can to hunt. We’ve been fortunate to hunt with outfitters that don’t mind we bring the whole crew when we come. We are blessed to pass the tradition on to our children and that we can do as a family. It’s special to me that we are able to capture these moments on film so we have the memories to last a lifetime.