When it comes to getting close to an animal or seeing animals in general, scent control most definitely should be number one in our list of important items to think about when we take to the field. These animals aren’t weekend hunters or just figuring out how to use the wind to their advantage, they have to stay alive everyday and night and wind plays a HUGE factor in that survival. It really doesn’t matter about your weapon of choice or what kind of camo you have. If an animal smells you from 300 to 400 yds (or more) away, in most cases you’ll never even know they were there…but they certainly know you are.

Let’s talk about Whitetails for a second. A Whitetail’s nose is arguably their most important sense of the six that they have. Yes…they have a sixth sense and we all know about it. That sense that even though the wind or the conditions are perfect…they still know something is up. Especially those mature bucks and does that just get that feeling that something isn’t right.  A Whitetail’s nose has 297 million olfactory receptors. We have just five million. Compare that to a dog’s receptors at around 220 million and you can definitely see that their nose was designed to keep them safe and alive. Whitetails have two very large olfactory bulbs attached to their brain that can weigh up to 60 grams each. This allows them to process different scents at the same time, therefore making them very difficult to fool. In order for us to beat out this amazing self defense component they have, we have to be on our game!


Ozonics has been the leader in the ozone business from day one! You can argue that fact all you want, but the proof is in the pudding.  Over the past three years of using their innovative and game changing products, I have truthfully seen more mature bucks from the stand than ever before. I practice quality scent control by storing my clothes in scent free tubs, making sure before I take the field I shower in my Dead Down Wind soap/shampoo body wash and spraying down my clothes before leaving the truck and once again when I enter the hunting area. These methods have definitely helped me be successful over the years at seeing and killing deer, but once I started using the Ozonics products to fill in those gaps, my sightings and mature buck trophy wall definitely improved. Last year alone was my best year ever in the field. I killed mature bucks in Ohio and Kansas and was able to film a world class 180” deer in Ohio with my dad. We didn’t get a shot at that big deer because of the doe that led him away, but both of those deer fed downwind of us just out of range for over 5 min. We had two HR 300’s running in the tree that day with us and it was a hunt that neither of us will ever forget!


On another hunt in Kansas last year, I was filming our staff member, Cody, and we had 27 does come in from the downwind side that drew out a mature 5.5 yr old 10 pointer to come in and scent check all those does. After having that kind of year, I know the Ozonics products and adding in those extra steps of dri-washing my clothes and ensuring my batteries are charged for all day sits made an impact on my success. Before every hunt, I use the Ozonics Dri-Wash Bag to ozone my clothing and boots and I run two Ozonics units in the tree with me at all times (cameraman or no cameraman). One will definitely work if you’re hunting alone, but since I have two I run them both for extra precaution. Fooling that big deer’s nose is definitely hard to do, but Ozonics has figured out a way through their innovative technologies to package that up and make it available to me and you. One thing most of us with full time jobs want is a quality hunt when we actually have the time to hunt. Deer busting you on that one or two sits a week just makes hunting not as fun and makes it more difficult to fill a tag and provide healthy, lean protein for your family. Adding the Ozonics products to your arsenal will definitely increase your sightings as well as just getting those deer closer to you for that moment we all crave.


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